HighlyConcentratedIngredients lightens underarms fast!
ExfoliateDepigmentand Bleach! lightens underarms fast!
Lightens EvenVery DarkUnderarms lightens underarms fast!

underarm whitening

Tonichi underarm whitening contains high concentrations of all the active ingredients. It contains 3 products with two different actions: Exfoliation and Bleaching. What makes us different from other products is that ours is more potent and it's a total underarm whitening.

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Underarm Whitening!

Tonichi Underarm Whitening is a highly-concentrated and potent formula that can lighten even very dark underarms. It has all the steps needed to achieve lighter underarms: Exfoliation + Bleaching.


Since underarms is a very sensitive area, the more you apply harsh chemicals on it, the darker it gets. That's why, underarm whitening is very tricky. Sometimes the more we attempt to lighten it by scrubbing or using bleaching agents, ironically, the darker it gets. This is because when underarms experience trauma from harsh chemicals, its melanocytes become more active, working double time as its defense mechanism. When this happens, it produces more melanin pigments which results to darker skin tone.


How Does Tonichi Underarm Whitening Work?

Exfoliation: First, it gets rid of hyperpigmented areas, dead skin cells, and debris which hides beneath the skin's surface.

After this is done, your underarms will not only be a shade lighter but it will also be smoother and more even skin-toned. But this is just the beginning of your underarm whitening!

Bleaching: When your underarms reveal its baby skin layer, then it's the perfect time for underarm bleaching. Tonichi only uses ingredients which are proven safe and effective in underarm whitening. The difference of our product from others is that Tonichi is highly-concentrated and potent enough to make sure you achieve lighter underarms fast, no matter how dark it is. Underarm Bleaching Cream lightens skin by lessening the concentration of melanin. This is done by reducing some amount of melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase.

If you take a closer look at your underarms, you will notice that the underarm lines or creases are even darker in shade than the surrounding skin, which is a dark spot itself. When you apply the cream on your underarms, it tends to slip inside the creases or lines. This is a good thing for underarm whitening as it becomes concentrated on the areas where it is mostly needed.


Underarm Whitening Research:

The color of the skin is determined by the type and amount of melanin and its distribution pattern in the epidermis. Melanin forms through a series of oxidative reactions involving the amino acid tyrosine and the enzyme tyrosinase.

What are the causes of dark underarms?
We know that genetics play the major role to having dark underarms but below are the major contributing factors:

1. Using harsh chemicals or deodorants
2. Scratching, rubbing, scrubbing or any trauma
3. Tight clothing which causes friction
4. Shaving
5. Obesity

I can't give-up shaving my underarms...
If available and affordable, the best way is to have a permanent hair removal by getting an IPL treatment. Nevertheless, it's okay to shave your underarms, just use a shaving cream to lessen friction and prevent hyperpigmentation.

I can't give-up my deodorant...
Tonichi Bleaching Cream is a deodorant in itself. So once you apply this cream, your underarms will never smell awful. It's deodorant and underarm whitening in one.


Underarm Whitening Directions:


Before we begin with the bleaching process, we have to exfoliate your underarms first because these rough, dead skin cells make it difficult for the bleaching ingredients to penetrate well.

Product #1: Apply Tonichi Exfoliating Serum on your underarms 3x/day for 3 consecutive days then stop.

Product #2: After using Exfoliating Serum as directed, your dead skin will slowly separate from the baby skin. To help in shedding off the skin naturally and gently, use Tonichi Healing Cream 3x/day. Use it until your underarm skin has completely exfoliated.


When your baby skin layer is revealed after exfoliation, then it's now ready for the bleaching process. It will now be twice more effective in penetrating its active ingredients. This will make your underarms smoother and it will remove hyper-pigmented areas.

Product #3: After cleaning your underarms and letting it dry, you may now apply Tonichi Bleaching Cream. This is a leave-on and it also serves as your deodorant. Don't apply anything else.


After following these directions, we guarantee you'll have lighter underarms in just a few weeks, no matter how dark it is. Tonichi Underarm Whitening is the best underarm whitening product in the market today!


Underarm Whitening



Gets rid of hyperpigmented areas, dead skin cells, and debris which hides beneath the skin's surface. It makes penetration of skin whitening agents twice more effective

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Underarm Bleaching lightens skin by lessening the concentration of melanin. This is done by reducing some amount of melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase

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This used to treat hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of an area of skin caused by increased melanin. It prevents excess production of melanin. It maintains the effect of skin bleaching

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